Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tide Clock for Android Version 1.2.0

Tide Clock is for boaters, fisherman, sailors, surfers, sun bathers, swimmers, kayakers, water skiers, paddle boarders, wind surfers, sheller's, and generally any non-landlubber or beach goers’. Tide Clock is just that - a clock that keeps track of the tides. The latest version is now super easy to set. 

"Do you know what tide it is?"

Version 1.2.0 – Now Easy to set with your finger

With version 1.2.0 you can now set the tide with a touch of your finger. Just enable Easy Tide Setting Mode in Settings, and with your finger move the tide hand to the location of the tide.

There are other minor fixes and enhancements as well as some enhancements for tablets.

Please remember, your Android Tide Clock is a clock. If the tides are consistent in your location you can go months or even years without needing to adjust it. At many locations, like the east coast of the United States, tide clocks can run accurately for years. Your location may be different. If you not sure, check with your local marina or boating supply store. They often sell desk and wall style tide clocks. 

Tide Clock is not for navigation purposes, but can be used to keep track of the tide for water and beach related activities. It is your responsibility to set and check your tide setting.

Tide Clock includes setting options, color themes, and a place for the name of your boat and your location. It does not use excessive battery, and does not require GPS or data downloads. It has been tested to work on tablets and phones alike.

Tide Clock is only $.99 US in Android Market.
From Coded by Elves

Available in Android Market

If you would like a branded version of Tide Clock for your company, boat or crew - with theme or logo, please feel free to email me.

See the new themes below... 

Now, setting the Android Tide Clock is super easy. Simply observe the tide and adjust the clock with a swipe of your finger.

You can also use the time of the next high tide and adjust the clock using the Next High value.


1) Press your Settings button and then press Tide Clock Settings.

2) Select the EASY TIDE SETTING MODE checkbox as shown below and then hit return.   
3) With your finger, drag the clock hand to the location that matches your observed tide or use the Next high tide window.
4) Press Set when you are done.  
Depending the consistency of the tides at your location, occasionally adjust this setting to keep your tide clock accurate. TideClock is easiest to set when high tide is only a few hours away.

The numbers on the right side of the clock are hours until low tide. The numbers on the left are hours until high tide.


Themes: Skinny Dipper | Map Blue | White Caps | Knock Knock


Themes: Sea Cucumber | Jellyfish | Red Nun | Ship Wreck

The Android Tide Clock site is also at:

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