Friday, September 11, 2009

H-Bridge Motor Controller

After burning out the H-Bridge motor controller from Adafruit we tried the NYT version and had the same problem. We have started a new design based on the design by Radu Motisan at We have laid it out in Eagle and built it on a breadboard and its working well so far. We are trying to add forward and reverse LEDs before we move it over to a Radio Shack 276-150 board. If you need the parts list available from Mouser let us know.


  1. Looks good! Do you know what the specs of the board will be?

  2. The spec was designed to be 2 amps, but our voltage is low and our amperage is high and it did not work out under heavy load. We got a pair of relays from Mouser and now we are back in business. We will add the new h-bridge relay design as soon as its fully tested. The relays are working great.

  3. Could you please post the parts list? Thanks!